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Merced County Big Rig Truck Accident Results in Two Deaths

A preventable accident occurred in the Planada area of Merced County on June 1, 2012 at approximately 11:45 a.m., claiming the lives of two victims. According to published reports, a Chevrolet pickup truck was heading southbound on Plainsburg Road when it was struck by a big rig truck that was travelling westbound on Buchanan Hollow Road. At this intersection the vehicles travelling on Buchanan Hollow Road must yield to the traffic on Plainsburg Road.

A California Highway Spokesperson indicated that in addition to the fatalities, two young victims were airlifted to nearby hospitals with serious injuries. Reports state that the front of the pickup truck was lodged underneath the trailer of the big rig truck. Underride accidents occur when a motor vehicle slides under a big rig or commercial truck and can be among some of the most dangerous trucking accidents because the windshield or roof of the motor vehicle can be seared off due to the height of the big rig truck's bumper. California Highway Patrol officers are investigating this accident to determine the cause of this specific incident.

Trucking accidents can be caused by a multitude of different factors such as: aggressive driving, inexperienced drivers, unsafe lane changes and unsecured cargo. The truck driver can be held liable for his negligence if any of these factors are determined to have contributed to this accident. In addition to holding the driver liable, the employer of the driver may also be found accountable for the accident as well. In order to assure the safety of other motorists, trucking companies must comply with extensive state and federal regulations.

By way of federal law, Employers hold much responsibility for their drivers and are required to conducting extensive background checks prior to employment as well as report any traffic or safety violations made during their time with the company. Not only that, the employers are also responsible for keeping the trucks in good repair and road worthy. These regulations would include complying with hours of service regulations which are designed to alleviate the dangers associated with driver fatigue.

The experienced trucking accident lawyers of The Matiasic Firm are committed to making negligent truck drivers and their employers pay. We fight fervently on behalf of our clients to get them compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, disability, loss of quality of life and other losses related to the accident. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a trucking accident call our office immediately so we can initiate a thorough truck accident investigation on your behalf.

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