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Today, trucks deliver everything. Whether it is the UPS package that your grandma is shipping from across the country to your kids for Christmas, or it is the furniture set that you and your spouse ordered for your new home; a lot of what we buy is shipped in large 18-wheeler trucks. Even the foods and other products we buy at the store are initially delivered in mass quality by the manufacturing companies. Either way, we rely on these trucks to ship our stuff a lot more than we actually realize. Sadly, with so much dependence on big rigs to deliver our goods, the more accidents tend to happen on our busy roads.

Truck accidents are quite common today, and because of this, The Matiasic Firm has dedicated their time to the people in California to offer their services as a trusted truck accident attorney. Many times these accidents are a direct result of the negligence of the driver or the trucking company, due to many different causes; and our firm wants to help represent those who have been wrongfully injured or killed. Due to the weight and size of these large trucks, many times the damages caused are even more severe than that of a normal car accident, and unfortunately, the results can be deadly. The Matiasic Firm is committed to doing whatever it takes to fight for the rights of victims, seeking after the money that the victims and their families truly deserve.

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On our Google Plus page, you will also find helpful tips as well as recent news articles about trucking accidents in the state of California. By sharing breaking news, we hope to point victims in the right direction and encourage them to take legal action and fight for the financial compensation they deserve. You can also view our Avvo listing, and here you will see both peer endorsements as well as reviews from past clients about our firm, we hope you also find this helpful. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a tragic accident contact The Matiasic Firm today for the California truck accident lawyer you need.

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