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Sunnyvale Woman Suffers Fatal Injuries in Big-Rig Accident

A 62-year-old Sunnyvale woman suffered fatal injuries after being involved in a heartbreaking big-rig truck accident on September 11, 2012. The tragic accident occurred on southbound Interstate 680 in Cupertino at approximately 11:00 a.m. Police reports share that a big-rig truck that was hauling two trailers of dirt and as it was negotiating a right turn, one of the trailers flipped over near the on-ramp from South Wolfe Road to Interstate 680. The over-turned trailer spilled dirt onto multiple lanes of the freeway, causing the accident with the other vehicle.

The woman was travelling southbound on Interstate 680 and swerved in an attempt to avoid the mounds of dirt that had covered the roadway. Tragically, she lost control of her vehicle and struck the big-rig truck. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. California Highway Patrol investigators are in the process of determining what caused the truck's trailer to overturn. One possibility is unsecured or improperly loaded cargo If cargo is not properly balanced it can shift unexpectedly causing the cargo to be spilled onto the roadway and the driver to lose control of the truck.

Another related possibility is that load in the trailer exceeded the total weight allowed. An overloaded trailer can also interfere with a driver's control of the truck. If the cargo was improperly loaded, unsecured, or in excess of the weight limit the truck driver and his employer can be held liable for their negligence. Fatal and severe big-rig and commercial truck accidents are disturbingly common on California roadways. Sadly, many of these accidents are entirely preventable. There are extensive federal regulations that are designed to ensure that big-rig trucks are safely operated. These regulations address many of the common causes of trucking accidents including driver training, truck inspection, cargo limits, and driver hours-of-service regulations. The safety of all motorists is endangered whenever truck drivers and their employers fail to comply with these regulations.

The California trucking accident lawyers of The Matiasic Firm have extensive experience successfully defending the rights of trucking accident victims. We fight for our clients and make truck drivers and their employers pay for their negligence. If you or a loved one have experienced a truck accident call our office immediately for a free consultation. Fast action is crucial in a truck accident investigation. Our legal team will initiate a thorough investigation on your behalf to preserve essential evidence, determine the cause of the accident, and identify all responsible parties.

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