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Signs of a Tired Driver

A truck driver or the driver of the other vehicle may be responsible for an accident occurring and either of them have the potential to drive while tired. It is a common error that many fall into, believing that they can keep themselves awake. They may open the windows or blast the radio, but it is not always enough to keep a driver alert and focused on the road. The sings of a driver being tired can have many similarities to a driver that has alcohol in their system and the less sleep a person has, the more their body can begin to shut down. They can lack greater awareness of their surroundings and the potential for danger. Before a driver gets behind the wheel, they should consider a few things. Are they having trouble focusing and do their eyelids seem to be getting heavier? Do they continue to yawn, rub their eyes or have difficulty keeping their head from drooping? Do their thoughts seem to be wandering and do they find themselves daydreaming? If they are on the road, can they remember the last few miles that they drove or were they losing focus?

It is important for a driver to be the first one to notice their behavior and make the decision that they are not in the right state of mind. Failing to do this can lead to great risk. For drivers that are on the road, they want to look out for signs that other drivers may be experiencing the signs of drowsiness. Truck drivers can work long hours and may drive consistently, causing them to become more relaxed or begin to doze off. It is best not to assume that the truck driver is going to look out for others and to try not to be in the lane next to them for long. Tired driving can be seen if a driver appears to be drifting in and out of their lane. They may correct themselves and get back to their lane but sometimes all it takes is a few seconds of drifting to cause a life threatening accident. They may also tailgate and lose sight of just how close they are following someone. Since truck drivers need more room to stop their vehicle, tailgating can be incredibly dangerous.

The large size and force of a truck is able to cause considerable damage to a vehicle no matter which way it hits it. Truck drivers often stay to the side of the road and of they are tired and losing focus, they may hit the barrier and correct themselves. Trucks cannot be as easily maneuvered as cars so even small bumps can send a truck out of control. Tired driving should always be avoided and if you are experiencing these signs you should pull over. If you see someone driving that is demonstrating these signs, they may be tired or may have alcohol in their system. It is best to inform the police and let them handle the situation. Speak with a California truck accident lawyer from The Matiasic Firm about your accident.

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