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FMCSA Regulations Part 3: Company Regulations

As part of regular business operations, many companies use commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) to transport property and goods over great distances. Companies who employ drivers to operate CMVs are responsible for keeping vehicles and their drivers up to regulation standards. When a driver or a vehicle fails to meet standards or violates a regulation, a company may expect to face fines and other penalties that could affect their business.

Companies Must Be Properly Licensed

Business entities are often required to have licensing in order to operate CMVs. In California, companies and individuals alike are required to have a motor carrier permit (MCP) if they are paid to transport property in a commercial vehicle. In addition, MCPs are also required for vehicles weighing 10,001+ pounds, whether for business or personal use.

In most cases, businesses must provide workers' compensation insurance. Companies share many employee responsibilities with CMV regulations, especially in enforcing safety standards. Because driver safety is one of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) primary concerns, companies have a great responsibility to keep their employees and motor vehicles within regulation standards.

Some company responsibilities under FMCSA regulations include:

  • CMV safety codes
  • Proper licensing for drivers
  • Workers' compensation

Required Observance of Employee Duties & Prohibitions

According to Part 390 of the FMCSA regulations, a company is required to observe the duties of its drivers. If a driver violates FMCSA and/or state commercial vehicle regulations, a company will often share blame for the occurrence. It is important to understand how closely related the responsibilities of a business entity and its employees are.

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When a truck accident occurs, there may be a potential for the company to be held responsible for the incident. If you find yourself involved in an accident involving a CMV, you want to be armed with knowledge of FMCSA and state regulations to ensure your rights are protected. With years of knowledge and experience in personal injury, The Matiasic Firm has successfully recovered more than $12 million for clients dealing with complex issues. Retain quality legal guidance from an experienced California truck accident attorney as you prepare to move forward with your case.

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