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FedEx Faces Lawsuit After Truck Hits Bus, Killing 10

On April 11, a total of 10 people were killed in a fiery crash that occurred on the Interstate 5 in Northern California.

The incident involved a southbound FedEx truck that veered over the median and hit a northbound charter bus head-on. The bus was filled with dozens of students headed to a prospective college (Humboldt State University) for the weekend.

Some witnesses provided statements which said that the FedEx semi-truck was already on fire before it hit the bus. In any case, the truck did catch fire and caused the bus to become engulfed in flames, as well.

The crash resulted in 10 fatalities, 5 of which were students. Now, the mother of one of the deceased students has filed a lawsuit against FedEx, claiming that their trucks have a history of catching fire.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Rosa Rivera – mother of student Jennifer Bonilla who was killed in the crash – in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The negligence suit seeks $100 million in damages and names the both the FedEx driver and the bus owner as defendants. The negligence suit alleges that, along with the FedEx trucks having a history of catching fire, the bus involved lacked adequate exit doors so that occupants had a difficult time escaping the bus after the crash.


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