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The Severity of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation because many love the free feeling they get when on one of these vehicles. The scenery of San Francisco also makes it a welcoming activity to ride a motorcycle throughout the city and to enjoy the views.

However, what happens when there are negligent drivers on the road who do not share the road with motorcycles as they should? Unfortunately, this happens far too often, resulting in the severe situation of a motorcycle accident.

Risk of Ejection from the Motorcycle

One of the most common crashes that occurs involving motorcycles is situations in which cars attempt to turn in front of a motorcycle or brake too hard in front of a motorcycle. This often halts the motorcycle immediately, putting the rider at risk of ejection.

When this happens, not even a helmet can always prevent the serious and severe injuries that can occur. This often results in broken bones, neck or head injuries, and more. These are unfortunate situations that can leave a victim needing serious medical care.

What Causes Motorcycle Crashes?

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by negligent motorists who don’t give them the same respect as they do other vehicles. They often don’t look for motorcycles in their blind spots or don’t pay attention when they’re entering the same lane as a motorcycle.

Unfortunately, when these accidents do happen, it is most often the rider of the motorcycle who sustains the most significant injuries. When the driver is the negligent party, the motorcyclist has specific rights to take legal action.

Our San Francisco motorcycle accident attorneys at The Matiasic Firm look to help individuals who have been hurt in these types of accidents when the driver is the one responsible. Our goal is to help you overcome this difficult time with the compensation and justice you deserve.

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