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The Long-Term Impact of PTSD Caused By a Car Crash

When a car crash leads to post-traumatic stress disorder, it can be a scary and daunting situation for the survivor involved. There are often serious issues associated with the condition, but it’s important for the individual to understand many of the long-term effects.

This can help the survivor move forward, but there are some things that may persist after the accident. So, how does PTSD impact a survivor? What is life like after a car crash that results in emotional trauma? Our firm explains.

Life with Stress and Anxiety

The life of a survivor following a car accident can be difficult to deal with when stress and anxiety hit, or triggers cause flashbacks and thoughts of the day of the event. These feelings can prevent the survivor from doing simple things they once enjoyed.

For some, this type of situation can make it difficult to even do their job, impacting their ability to work and resulting in the loss of income. Others may have an impact on their relationships with family members and significant others.

It’s important to understand ways that help individuals get through some of the moments that result from the feelings of anxiety. Flashbacks can cause individuals to feel almost as though they aren’t even in their own bodies, which can make things very difficult.

Is There a Financial Impact?

While we already know there are medical expenses associated with any kind of injury sustained in a car accident, there are also financial hardships that exist when trauma is part of the situation. This is because there are often costs of therapy involved.

Enduring trauma often means finding ways to overcome the feelings associated with the event, and therapy is a good way for survivors to accomplish this. Other expenses may include changes in lifestyle that survivors may make in order to avoid potential triggers, such as taking the bus every day instead of driving.

At The Matiasic Firm, we know that individuals injured as a result of negligence can endure serious emotional trauma. This may be compensated by non-economic damages. Our San Francisco car accident attorneys know how to help.

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