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Why Report a Traffic Accident and How It Helps a Claim

One of the steps to take after a traffic accident is contacting the proper authorities in order to report the crash. Far too often, individuals fail to report their accident because they feel it’s only a minor situation and they want to handle it outside of their insurance.

Unfortunately, this is a serious mistake that individuals make. No matter how minor an accident may be, taking action to get a report is important for a number of reasons and you should understand how it can be helpful to you.

Reports Give an Account of What Happened

Official reports made by the authorities include the details of the incident, what damages may exist, accounts from the parties involved—as well as witnesses—and any other important information about the accident.

The accident report can help to show who was at fault, what may have happened, and detail any issues that led to the crash. For instance, it can show whether one party was speeding, or if someone ran a traffic signal.

Reports Can Help with Your Claims

When you make a claim with your insurance company or have to go through the legal process in order to seek compensation, having certain documents can be very helpful. An official report is one of these documents.

This can help you prove liability and seek the most favorable resolution when the negligent party causes injuries. Accident reports can show who is responsible, helping the courts to make a decision regarding liability and compensation.

Our San Francisco car accident lawyers at The Matiasic Firm are very skilled when it comes to obtaining the necessary information to help victims of negligence hold the responsible parties accountable. We have the resources necessary to obtain the accident report to use in your claim.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident as a result of someone else’s negligent actions, you have rights to take legal action. We are here to help you and go the extra mile to seek the compensation you need and deserve.

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