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How Do Amputations Occur?

One of the lesser known catastrophic injuries is amputation. This is when the injured individual loses a limb—or part of a limb—under one circumstance or another. In terms of negligence, there are various ways amputation can occur and while some are medically necessary, others may be more traumatic.

Understand the various causes can help should someone sustain such a catastrophic injury and need to take legal action against the party responsible for causing the injury. Here are some things you should know about amputations.

When They are Caused Traumatically

Unfortunately, there are several ways traumatic events can result in you suffering amputation. For instance, if a car accident occurs, it can be easy for the frame of the vehicle to collapse and crush a part of the driver’s body—such as his or her arm or leg.

When this happens, the first responders may need to amputate in order to save the remaining part of the limb. In other situations, the trauma alone would be enough to sever the limb, creating the need for full amputation.

Other Acts of Negligence

It’s not always a car collision that causes amputation. Health issues can result in amputation, but so can infections in certain parts of the body. Amputation is often used to keep infections from spreading throughout the body and the main body part affected may be amputated to save the rest of the body.

Determining negligence in this type of situation is dependent on what caused the infection, as well as the potential for misdiagnosis. If there are other options to treat the condition, but the decision to amputate is made hastily, it could be considered reckless or negligent.

At The Matiasic Firm, we know how to look at matters of negligence and compile the necessary evidence to help our clients pursue the compensation and justice they need after such a catastrophic injury as amputation.

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