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Bus Accidents Caused By Hazardous Road Conditions

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What are the advantages of retaining an experienced San Francisco bus accident attorney from The Matiasic Firm? With 25 successful years of personal injury practice in our firm, we are listed in Madison's Who's Who Among American Lawyers and recognized repeatedly as a "Rising Star" in Super Lawyers magazine.

In the past few years, we have secured what is thought to be the largest personal injury/wrongful death verdict in the history of Madera County and have recovered more than $12,000,000 for our clients through our aggressive approach to cases. With hazardous road conditions, knowing where to look and asking the correct questions of the right people are crucial to prevailing in a bus accident case.

Based on the amount of traffic on California roads, the chances of a bus accident on our city streets, highways, and freeways are great. If this is compounded by negligent actions in the design or maintenance of our public roads, otherwise safe buses can suddenly run into danger. Bus size, weight, relative inability to stop quickly or maneuver away from objects, pedestrians and other vehicles can combine to make a potentially hazardous situation even worse.

The California Department of Transportation and other governmental entities are responsible to see that our roadways are kept safe. Failure to accomplish this purpose can result in many types of injuries including ones to the spinal cord, paralysis, burns, broken bones, and wrongful deaths. Unfortunately, there are instances where bus driver negligence or error is cited by law enforcement as the sole cause of an accident when the road conditions were actually to blame.

Bus Accidents and Unsafe Roads

A knowledgeable attorney from our firm can ask the precise questions needed and conduct a thorough investigation in order to determine the cause of your accident and subsequent injuries. Some of the areas to be looked into include unsafe construction zones, defects in roads such as poorly resurfaced lanes or potholes and steep shoulder drop-offs. Dangerous intersections, signs that cannot be easily seen, poor lighting for night time driving, improperly maintained or missing guardrails, dips and curves that do not have signage and many other conditions can also be the cause of bus accidents.

Your injuries can cost you lost wages and run up unmanageable medical expenses and other financial burdens that deserve compensation. We take pride in meeting and exceeding the challenge of the "tough" cases by taking them the distance, to trial if necessary.

Learn how hazardous road conditions may have led to your injuries; contact a California bus accident lawyer from our firm for help.

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