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Was Your Child the Victim of Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse that takes place inside of a day care center can be one of the most shocking instances of sexual abuse imaginable. While sexual abuse of minors has certainly made headlines across the nation, there has been less media coverage of child sexual abuse taking place within the walls of preschool centers.

Unfortunately, there has been a significant increase of reported day care center abuse in the past decade. Incidents involving the abuse of young children, some not even five years old, are criminal and unjust acts that must be stopped.

The fact of the matter is that children at day care centers are still not free from the risk of sexual abuse. Many parents who work long hours during the day need to send their children to day care centers or preschools with the assumption that their children will be in the caring and protective hands of trustworthy staff members.

When such a crime against your child occurs, our San Francisco child sexual abuse attorneys are ready to take a stand on your behalf. Lawyers at The Matiasic Firm are skilled at getting to the root of the issue, and we are prepared to deal with the abusers who caused your family pain.

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We understand the importance of being discreet and minimizing your family's exposure to harm during this time. In most cases, we are able to achieve an outstanding settlement without our clients having to step foot inside a courtroom. Retain us to go to work on your behalf that your family can focus on recovery.

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