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Sexual Abuse by a Family Member in San Francisco

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As experienced litigators, we at The Matiasic Firm are always carefully monitoring developments in the highly specialized and frequently changing area of law of child sexual abuse. We keep abreast of all actions for civil damages on behalf of children who have been sexually abused, exploited, or neglected by family members. Knowing how to litigate effectively can be a key factor to helping your family receive the maximum compensation that is needed.

At The Matiasic Firm, it is our genuine desire to give you the resources needed to move forward, eradicate further instances of sexual abuse, and ultimately, create a safer environment for children.

If you suspect that your child has been exploited or sexually abused by a family member, the extent of the damages can be overwhelming and irreversible. Our lawyers stand ready to make certain that this form of child sexual abuse is dealt with correctly, swiftly, and justly.

We Fearlessly Pursue Justice for Your Family

Law enforcement agencies can take care of the criminal charges, but when your family is in need of civil justice, we can work hard to pursue the financial compensation that is needed to get your child the best possible medical attention so that he or she can move forward successfully.

Compensation can alleviate the financial burden of the following:

  • Medical assessments
  • Psychological treatments
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any resulting injuries or damages

In our experience working with clients, we know that it can be a frightening task for families to gather up the nerve to speak up and step forward. We understand this initial fear but reassure you that our firm can approach every claim of sexual abuse with the highest possible degree of sensitivity and caution.

At the same time, we are dedicated to representing your child's rights to the fullest extent of the law to protect your child's best interests and address your family's needs. These particular cases require a specific type of attorney who can carefully balance being cautious and fearlessly pursuing justice on your behalf.

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Trust plays a huge role in child abuse cases. These cases are not just about simple wrongdoing; they are about crimes committed against your innocent child. We always honor client-attorney confidentiality and handle every case with the utmost degree of respect, honor, integrity, and ethics. Our attorneys can be your side through every step of this complex and often emotional process.

Contact our office today if you suspect that your child or a child in your family may have been or is currently being sexually abused.

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