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Sexual Abuse of Children in Foster Homes

San Francisco Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Minors living in the foster care system can be exposed to emotional issues that many other children never face. Because foster children, orphans, or wards of the state do not have established parents or permanent legal guardians, they are often exposed to mistreatment. The harsh realities of the world can be thrust upon these children in their developmental years. Whether the child has been abandoned, abused, or placed in the system for adoption, living in a foster home can be an emotional experience for any young child.

How to Identify Signs of Sexual Abuse

The abuse, mistreatment, and neglect of foster children is a serious societal issue that goes largely unreported. Unless a person is aware of common signs of abuse or sexual abuse, sexual abuse of a foster child may go unnoticed for years. In hopes of educating the public and eradicating the problem of sexual abuse of foster children, the Education Resources Information Center has provided specific information about common warning signs that may indicate a history of sexual abuse within a foster home.

Common victims and signs of foster abuse:

  • Multiple placements, especially in a short amount of time
  • Permanent wards rather than a temporary members of the system
  • Children placed in foster care due to mistreatment by birth parents
  • Foster children with special needs
  • Any adolescent who has been reportedly abused in the past
  • Abnormal delays in the adoption process
  • Emotional problems

If you suspect that a foster child is being sexually abused by an adult or another child in a foster home, or if you have evidence that a foster child is being abused in a foster home, do not wait to involve our legal team. Our San Francisco foster home abuse lawyers know how to investigate further, recruit expert help, or gain social worker assistance to confirm whether your suspicions are correct. If we are able to conclude that your suspicions are correct, we can help you take legal action to protect and support the child who has been victimized.

Protecting Foster Children from Sex Abuse in California

It is our genuine desire to protect the rights and interests of abuse victims, especially children who have no permanent home or no protective parents to guide them through the complexities of life.

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