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Sexual Abuse in Public Schools

Teachers' Responsibilities Pertaining to Your Child's Development

When a child reaches the age where he or she can begin to attend school, teachers and other professionals in the educational field will become an active part of a child's life. When your child spends countless hours under the care and direction of a teacher, that educator can have a significant role in the shaping of your child's worldview. A major portion of a child's development can be attributed to teachers, instructors, or other educators, such as coaches, mentors, and tutors.

One of the most important relationships involving trust is the relationship between an adult and child. Children develop under the direction and special care of an adult. When an adult - specifically, a teacher, other instructor, or person of authority - breaches this relationship of trust, the emotional and psychological damages that a child can endure can be painful and, in most cases, irreversible. If you believe that your child has been sexually abused while attending a public school, speak immediately with our San Francisco child sexual abuse lawyers.

Skill & Precision for Your Case

The legal team at The Matiasic Firm has been called on in the past to investigate and uncover the ugly truth of abuse occurring within the walls of public schools across the Northern California area. We can fully investigate the issue and determine whether any negligence on the part of school authorities may have led to the abuse of your innocent child.

We have been able to uncover the following:

  • School district abuse history
  • Lack of safety policies
  • Lack or breach of screening procedures
  • Teacher or instructor sexual abuse history or criminal past
  • School district authorities refusing to look into the issue even after a student has come forward
  • School district authorities failing to take action against a teacher even after a student has come forward or has complained about abuse

Unfortunately, some victimized children may grow up thinking that they have done something wrong or deserved to be victimized. Many experience irreversible feelings of guilt, shame, and humiliation. As a law firm of skilled litigators, we know what it takes to reestablish trust after your child has suffered unspeakable harms. We have a special empathy for families who have suffered damages after important details have been withheld or teacher criminal histories have been concealed.

Get Help With Your Public School Sexual Abuse Case

If you have any questions regarding your case, we can help you begin to unravel the complicated issues that often surround child sexual abuse cases. We know that your case is sensitive, emotional, and confidential and we reassure you that you can receive the utmost respect at our firm. Let us help you create a plan of action that can protect your family from further harm, hold the abuser accountable, and prevent other children from falling victim to abuse in the public school system.

Do not be afraid to take a stand against criminal acts. Contact The Matiasic Firm today for your free case evaluation with our team of compassionate attorneys.

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