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Freeway Truck Accidents in San Francisco, CA

California simply cannot keep up with the demand for new or wider freeways. The result is our roads tend to become heavily congested during certain times. Some highways are used more heavily by large trucks than others. Their trailers may be overloaded, as shippers and trucking companies try to reduce expenses as much as possible. Truck drivers may be tired and pushing hard to make their destinations on time. Under these conditions it isn't surprising that California is one of the leading states in large commercial truck accidents.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident by a negligent driver do not wait to consult a San Francisco truck accident lawyer. Under federal regulations and California law, truck operators are required to drive is a safe manner. Freeway pileups made up of a mixture of different sized commercial trucks and passenger cars are on the rise. Since trucks often follow other trucks closely, when one truck goes out of control at a high speed, those following behind may barely have time to touch the brake before a collision occurs.

What leads to an accident?

Accidents are the result of many factors, with driver negligence being the main one. This may be the negligence of the truck driver or another driver on the road. Braking too quickly can cause a jackknife accident which then may involve a number of other trucks and smaller vehicles. When a truck rear-ends another vehicle the truck driver can be held liable.

A truck may not have been properly maintained and when trapped driving on the freeway, it is the worst time to discover any errors in the vehicle. There are various regulations put on drivers and training they must undergo, but that has not completely eradicated any instances of driver inattention or driver inexperience.

Dangers on the Freeway

Accidents that happen on the freeway may also be more detrimental due to high speeds. Drivers may be traveling at 65 mph and the devastation of an accident at this rate can be catastrophic. Many times there is nowhere for a driver to move when there is no shoulder on the freeway. They may be unable to get to the side in time or have no-where to go when the car in front of them comes to a sudden stop. The trucking industry is expansive and is used to transport just about anything.

Trucks transporting goods can be seen at any time of day on the freeway, driving in between a state or across the county. The high number of trucks on freeways only adds to the potential for danger. There is not only a large number of trucks on freeways, but can be a high number of vehicles overall that are held within a restricted area.

While on normal roads there are more areas to go, cars are held on the freeway until they get to the next exit. When there is a pileup, drivers behind the incident may be forced to wait for it to be cleared or may also be unable to stop in time and become a part of the wreckage themselves.

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