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Hours of Service Regulations

There are a number of regulations concerning drivers of large commercial vehicles. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) requires compliance with these regulations of trucking companies and truck drivers. Too many trucking accidents have occurred in which motorists have been severely injured or lost their lives because truck drivers have felt forced to continue driving past the point of exhaustion despite federal regulations. A San Francisco truck accident lawyer at The Matiasic Firm has a clear understanding of these regulations.

Commercial truck drivers are subject to considerable pressure to beat the traffic and make delivery of their cargo on time. Federal regulations require drivers of large trucks to keep logs of the hours worked, called hours of service, breaks, and rest periods taken. There are also regulations on the number of drivable hours. The driver of a commercial truck is limited to working no longer than 14 hours and may drive only 11 of those hours.

The driver must take a 10 hour break before driving again. Some drivers falsify their logs in order to cover more distance each day. Some trucking companies turn a blind eye to this as it means greater profits for the trucking company. Fatigue is now known to be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Since many trucks now have an electronic onboard recorder, an experienced truck accident lawyer will obtain this electronic record along with the driver’s logs and other valuable records when preparing a claim for damages on behalf of the injured victim of a trucking accident. Fatigue is now known to be just as dangerous as drinking and driving.

Our legal team is dedicated to protecting your right to the full compensation you are due. A truck accident lawyer at our firm seeks justice and is prepared to take your case to trial if negotiation does not obtain a fair settlement from the trucking company’s insurance carrier.

If you have been injured because of truck driver violated hours of service regulations, contact a San Francisco truck accident attorney who can help you with your claim for compensation.

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