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Tourist Accidents

San Francisco Pedestrian & Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Tourists come to San Francisco with the intent of enjoying the city's unique historical features, recreational activities, art and culture festivals, and other attractions. Unfortunately, many tourists are unfamiliar with just how crowded San Francisco's streets can get. With hundreds and thousands of tourists visiting the city on a daily basis, many drivers, public transportation operators, and other motorists do not always observe people in crosswalks. As a result, many tourists can become involved in collisions , which can result in significant injuries.

When a tourist is involved in a pedestrian or bicycle accident when visiting San Francisco, he or she has the same right to seek financial compensation as any other local pedestrian. If you were hit by a car or other vehicle, our San Francisco pedestrian and bicycle accident attorneys are here to help. We can help you handle your legal matters and ensure that your paperwork is handled with minimal conflict.

Were you hit while visiting San Francisco, California?

Tourists are among those with the highest risk of becoming pedestrian accident victims. They may be unfamiliar with local forms of public transportation and the unique risks they pose. Locals know that there are dangers posed by a light rail system that drops passengers off in the middle of a busy roadway or street. Tourists are often injured by walking directly into the middle of traffic just by stepping off from one of San Francisco's light rail trains.

If you were injured during your visit to San Francisco, you have the right to pursue financial compensation for your injuries. We can pursue legal action against any liable party, insurance company, or public transportation entity. Whether you are from out-of-state or from a surrounding county, we can help you file your claim quickly and efficiently so that you can stay home and focus on your recovery.

Providing Representation for Victims from Out of State

If you were injured while visiting California from out of state, you have the same right to pursue compensation as any other California resident. Our attorneys can help safeguard your rights and help you pursue full compensation according to personal injury laws. We are experienced at representing clients who have traveled from other regions to San Francisco. No matter where you live, our doors are open to you. We can be your trusted representative after an accident.

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