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California Wildfires

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By the time the Napa, Sonoma, and Wine County fires – also called the North Bay wildfires – were contained, an estimated 43 lives were lost, 100,000+ acres were scorched, 6,000+ homes were destroyed, and dozens of wineries incinerated. Now, the surviving victims of the blazes are seeking compensation and The Matiasic Firm are helping them. If you have had your livelihood ruined by the Napa County wildfires, please do not hesitate to call (415) 858-6692 to schedule a free case evaluation with our wildfire lawyers in Northern California.

Liability for the Napa & Sonoma County Fires

At this time, the extensive evidence is pointing towards Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) being held liable for the damages caused by the Napa and Sonoma County blazes. Initial investigations have hinted that professional negligence on part of the utility company may have triggered the infernos that caused such widespread devastation. Several lawsuits have already been filed against the company in seek of compensation. Do not miss your chance to file a claim of your own. Contact our Sonoma, Wine, and Napa County wildfire attorneys now.

Lawsuits have cited these five facts to point liability towards PG&E:

  • Each wildfire first began between midnight and 2:00 AM on October 9th, 2017.
  • Emergency dispatchers in the region directed crews towards multiple reports of downed power lines, misfiring transformers, and short-circuiting electrical grids only a few short hours before the first fire was reported.
  • PG&E told the public that windstorms disrupted and damaged powerlines on the night of October 8th, 2017, possibly due to tearing down trees and flinging branches.
  • PG&E was fined in the spring of 2017 for causing the 2015 Butte Fire due to failing to adequately trim trees near its utility lines.
  • PG&E was found guilty for hundreds of counts of negligence in 1994 for also failing to remove trees around power lines, which were felled by high winds and sparked the Nevada County fire.

Compensation You Can Seek in Your Wildfire Claim

When our Napa County personal injury attorneys at The Matiasic Firm take a case, we are deliberately thorough in our investigations. We must be certain we have identified all of your damages and calculated them accurately. We will not be satisfied with a case outcome unless you get every last penny you deserve from the parties accountable for the Napa and Sonoma wildfires.

Three damages commonly cited in wildfire claims are:

  • Burn injuries: The uncontrolled flames inflicted severe burn injuries and smoke inhalation injuries. Treatment can be costly. The bills should not be paid by those who were wrongfully injured.
  • Property loss: Replacing destroyed property may be impossible for most people due to insurance caps. Compensation won through a lawsuit filed against PG&E may be able to cover the missing amounts.
  • Wrongful death: With more than 40 people perished in the Napa and Sonoma County fires, the liability parties have much to make right. A wrongful death claim will seek typical damages along with damages related to the death of a loved one, such as burial costs, wages that would have been made in the lifetime of the decedent, and loss of consortium. Our Napa wildfire attorneys offer compassionate legal counsel delivered with sensitivity, for we know how painful it is to file a wrongful death claim.

Other types of damages may include loss of livestock, business profits if your winery was destroyed, crops, and commercial or agricultural vehicles. Emotional pain and suffering is also considered in most personal injury claims. By considering all possible avenues for compensation, we hope to maximize your chances of getting as large a recovery as possible.

Legal Support Backed by Impressive Results

Taking on PG&E or any other party liable for the Napa and Sonoma County wildfires will be a challenge if you are not prepared and well-versed in legalities and legalese. Balance the scales and give yourself a fighting chance by calling (415) 858-6692 and speaking to our North Bay fire lawyers at The Matiasic Firm. We have been researching the emerging evidence about the blazes and know how to craft it into a workable claim on your behalf.

Contact our team today and get started. There is no time to lose.

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