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What to do after a Pedestrian Accident

Tens of thousands of pedestrians are injured in traffic incidents in the U.S. each year. Pedestrians can be struck at a crosswalk, sideswiped by a motor vehicle, hit while in a parking lot, or struck while exiting a bus or car. Being hit by a car travelling at only 15 miles an hour can cause serious or fatal injuries. Such a devastating injury could result in broken bones, torn ligaments, internal bleeding, brain damage, and other issues. If you are struck by an automobile and are conscious, you can take steps to protect yourself.

In the wake of an accident, make sure to do the following:

  • Call the police immediately to summon medical assistance and prepare a report
  • Try to have a witness take a picture of the scene for evidence
  • Try to obtain the names, address, and phone numbers of any witness to the accident
  • Exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information
  • Make a mental note of key information such as the time of day and location of the accident
  • Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as you receive medical treatment
  • Refrain from speaking with any insurance company until you have retained such an attorney

A Personal Injury Firm Can Fight for Compensation

An experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney from our award-winning firm can work with you to recover compensation for any injuries you sustained in the accident. Compensation can help cover the costs of thing such as medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages, mental anguish, and loss of consortium.

At The Matiasic Firm our personal injury firm can work to handle the legal side of you injury so you can focus on recovering. Let us pursue justice for you today!

Call our San Francisco office right away if you have been injured so we can get started on your case.

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