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Understanding Liability In Car Accidents with Trucks

Every time you travel on the highways, you surely have seen the large commercial trucks transporting goods. These are often very valuable resources, but they also present a number of dangers when drivers are not properly operating them.

Far too often, there are large truck drivers, trucking companies, or other parties in the industry who don’t consider the safety of others on the road. When an accident occurs, there may be a number of responsible parties. Understanding liability is important.

So who can be considered responsible? We explain below.

When a Truck Driver is Negligent

There are a number of ways a truck driver can be negligent. For instance, if a truck driver makes the decision to drive beyond the number of allowable hours, they may be fatigued, causing them to lose control of their vehicle.

They may also be drunk, distracted, or under the influence of something else. These are all other reasons an accident can occur.

When a Trucking Company is Negligent

The owner of the trucking company and other employees are responsible for ensuring that the truck drivers are following the Hours of Service regulations, properly logging their trips, the truck is maintained, and the trailer is loaded correctly.

Failure to do any of these actions can lead to a crash.

When a Third Party is Negligent

There are some situations when third parties can be considered liable. For instance, there are times when a manufacturer may be negligent in the production of parts that go on the truck, such as brakes, tow hitch, or other important aspects of the truck.

At The Matiasic Firm, we understand product defects, truck driver negligence, trucking company negligence, and more. Our San Francisco truck accident lawyers aim to protect individuals who have sustained serious injuries as a result of negligence.

We have helped injury victims recover millions of dollars for the damages they have sustained. We’re ready to help you, too.

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