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Pedestrian Accidents: The Long-Term Effect After a Collision

In San Francisco, the great weather and scenery sets the tone for a lot of pedestrians on the road. There are so many people and getting around on foot is one of the more popular means for people in the city. While this is not a bad thing, there are possible dangers that do exist.

Far too often, drivers are negligent in their actions, leading to a serious danger on the road. And for pedestrians, with very little protection, these negligent drivers pose a huge risk to their health and well-being. A pedestrian accident has long-term effects on the victim that many don’t know.

Medical Expenses Piling Up

After such a serious accident, the catastrophic injuries may require the victim to receive numerous treatment options and procedures. This means the medical bills can start to build up, putting even more burden on you and your family.

Inability to Work

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents often result in injuries so severe that it prevents you from working and earning an income. When you already have medical bills piling up, the inability to work can put you in a difficult situation.

Long-term injuries may prevent you from ever working in the same occupation again. This may require a change in job or benefits from disability to help you cover the cost of living. However, there still needs to be legal action taken to help you and your family overcome some of the hardships you may face.

Why Choose Our San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Lawyers?

Legal action may help individuals seek the compensation they need when they are unable to work and need to cover some of the expenses that come along with the injuries you have sustained. Legal action also means obtaining justice and inciting change in the way people act.

At The Matiasic Firm, our San Francisco pedestrian accident lawyers work to protect the rights of those who have been harmed in serious crashes. If you were hurt as a pedestrian, know that you have rights and options to pursue compensation and justice.

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