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Why It's So Important to Tell Your Story

Sexual assault is one of the most—if not the most—under-reported crimes in the nation. Over 60% of victims fail to report the crime to authorities. This means those responsible get away with their unforgivable actions and those who have been hurt suffer from the physical and psychological damage.

For those who have suffered, it can be very difficult to do, but speaking out about your attack and coming forward can help in several ways. Understanding the importance can help you make a decision regarding taking legal action.

The Pursuit of Civil Justice

Victims of sexual abuse, on average, spend over $122,000 over their lifetime in costs associated with the sexual abuse, including medical assessments, therapy, psychological treatments, pain and suffering, and even medical expenses from physical harm sustained.

While the authorities are there to handle the criminal aspects of a sexual abuse case, taking civil action to pursue compensation can help the victim feel as though they’ve gotten justice for the wrongdoings they have had to endure.

Inciting Change

Because so many acts of sexual abuse go unreported, it often means individuals get away with it. People may feel as though these actions don’t have consequences because victims fear speaking out and getting the help they need.

By taking legal action—both criminally and civilly—you’re sending a message that sexual abuse will not be tolerated. The more individuals who come forward, the more people will see that these actions do have consequences, potentially protecting others from experiencing the same fate in the future.

Our San Francisco sexual abuse lawyers at The Matiasic Firm are dedicated to being the voice you need to speak up. We’re committed to your best interests and guiding you through sensitive matters, so you can pursue the justice you deserve.

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