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Brain Injuries: Most Severe Symptoms

When someone suffers a mild traumatic brain injury, they are often able to recover over the coming days or weeks. There isn’t much damage done to the brain that lasts an extended period of time and individuals typically don’t experience an impact in developmental delays.

In the most severe cases of traumatic brain injuries, there are serious symptoms that the individual may suffer from and it can make everyday life significantly more difficult. Here are some of the symptoms that may arise.

Physical Impact

Some of the physical effects that may be suffered as a result of a severe brain injury includes sleep disorders, chronic pain, seizures, and even hormonal changes. There may be some issues involving regulating body temperature and control of bowel and bladder functions.

In terms of physical effects, the individual may also experience increased tiredness, changes in appetite, difficulty swallowing, and even physical paralysis. These symptoms can impact everyday life for the injured person.

Cognitive Impact

One of the biggest issues with a severe brain injury involved difficulties with executing certain functions. A severe brain injury can impact an individual’s ability to plan, as well as abstract thinking, following rules, and understanding which actions may be inappropriate.

Cognitive issues can also involve memory problems, confusion, impulsiveness, and problems with focus.

Sensory Impact

Severe brain injuries can impact the sensory functions of the victim, including blurred vision, difficulty with speech, loss of hearing, diminished sense of taste, and more.

Far too often, individuals can also suffer from behavioral changes such as aggression and depression. These individuals deserve representation and our San Francisco brain injury attorneys are here to help seek the compensation they deserve.

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