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Big-Rig Truck Strikes Amtrak Train Causing Mass Injuries in California's Central Valley

Kings County authorities responded to a catastrophic accident on Monday October 1, 2012, in Hanford, California. According to the reports, a southbound Amtrak train was struck after the driver of a big-rig truck failed to yield at a crossing on a rural stretch of road. A spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol claims that the train traveled approximately 600 feet following impact, eventually derailing after striking a switchback. The crash caused the train's locomotive and several other cars to be flipped onto their sides while en route to Oakland from Bakersfield.

Multiple state and local agencies responded to the chaotic scene to assist the victims. Early reports indicate that there were 169 passengers aboard the train and approximately 40-50 have suffered injuries. The full extent of the injuries remains unclear, but fortunately none of the injuries have been reported to be life-threatening. The victims have been transferred to six different San Joaquin Valley hospitals with a large group being transported to Adventist Medical Center in Hanford. Freighted passengers who had not suffered serious injuries were transported to a nearby auditorium in Hanford to contact family members and make emergency travel arrangements.

Investigators have not yet indicated what they believe caused this terrible accident. Some common causes of trucking accidents include: aggressive driving, texting drivers, driver intoxication and fatigue. Sadly, driver fatigue is a frequent contributing cause of catastrophic trucking accidents on California's roads and freeways. In an effort to combat driver fatigue, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has enacted extensive hours-of-service regulations.

Truck drivers who have not complied with the required rest intervals and daily hour limits lack the perception, awareness, and reaction time to safely operate massive big-rigs. An employer can be held liable if it does not strictly enforce its driver's compliance with the hours-of-service regulations. As demonstrated in this frightening accident, an instant of truck driver negligence can cause an enormous amount of pain and suffering. If you or a loved one have been injured in a California trucking accident call our office immediately for a free consultation.

The trial lawyers of The Matiasic Firm specialize in advocating on behalf of victims of trucking accidents. We immediately initiate a comprehensive trucking accident investigation for our clients to preserve essential evidence including: truck maintenance records, truck driver's driving records, the on-board electronic recorder, and physical evidence from the scene of the accident. Our trucking accident attorneys have experience and familiarity with the federal regulations that govern the commercial trucking industry. We utilize this understanding to make truck drivers and their employers pay for their negligence. Our goal is always to get our clients all of the money they deserve and need to rebuild their lives following traumatic trucking accidents.

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