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Lawsuit Taken Out for Deadly Bus Accident

Earlier this month, tragedy struck when a tour bus in California hit the side of the road and turned over. It struck other vehicles in the process and caused immense damage. The bus was on its way back from a ski resort headed to Mexico. The incident took place on a two lane road. Several of the passengers were thrown from the bus in the event and those who survived suffered varying injuries. The driver of the bus was one of the individuals that survived. He claims that the brakes on the bus were not working properly and that he was having trouble stopping and slowing down to avoid the curves on the road. Onlookers that were present at the time of the episode noted that the bus had smoke coming from it and it seemed to be gaining momentum that it could not keep up with.

The company responsible for the tour bus is located in California. After investigation, it was found that they had dealt with a number of citations that were related to maintenance issues and violations. These were found to have been given in the last two years and covered issues of brake problems and balding tires. In the accident, eight people were killed. Since then, passengers have considered filing law suits. Two of the passengers, a mother and daughter, have taken out a lawsuit against the company. The case is against the National City, Calif.-based Scapadas Magicas, Interbus Tours and Charters and the driver of the bus, NP. One of the victims that has taken out a case has stated she dealt with two broken bones, a broken pelvis and the loss of functioning in her arm. The daughter suffered a broken arm.

Scapadas Magicas was ordered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to cease the operation of their company since they had failed to inspect and maintain the vehicles that they used. Those injured in the accident may have grounds for a case, as well as the family members of those that were killed in the event. Compensation may be warranted for the medical costs, the lost income and the ongoing treatment of those injured, as well as the funeral costs, loss of income, hospital bills and other expenses that are faced by the family members of those fatally injured victims. Find out more on the site of our firm and call us as soon as possible if you have been injured in a bus accident. These instances can lead to catastrophic damage and the fact that many passengers are not provided seatbelts can mean that the damage that is suffered is far more substantial. Call The Matiasic Firm now for a free case evaluation.

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