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  • Cost of Life After Paralysis
    Cost of Life After Paralysis

    Legal action is not something that everyone considers after suffering an injury by negligence, especially when you consider the emotional hardships they endure. However, when you understand the ...

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  • Understanding Spine Injuries
    Understanding Spine Injuries

    Spine injuries are some of the most severe, and those who suffer from them can experience pain, loss of mobility, and more. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes the serious nature involved. We offer ...

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  • Can a Brain Injury Be Long Term?
    Can a Brain Injury Be Long Term?

    When life takes a turn and someone suffers a serious and traumatic brain injury , it can be difficult to understand what comes next. Fortunately for some, the effects they experience are treated and ...

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  • Brain Injuries: Most Severe Symptoms
    Brain Injuries: Most Severe Symptoms

    When someone suffers a mild traumatic brain injury, they are often able to recover over the coming days or weeks. There isn’t much damage done to the brain that lasts an extended period of time and ...

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  • 5 Most Common Catastrophic Injuries
    5 Most Common Catastrophic Injuries

    Any injury is considered serious by the person who suffers the damage. However, in the area of personal injury law, there are some types of injuries that are considered more severe than others. These ...

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  • Seeking Damages...Seeking Justice
    Seeking Damages...Seeking Justice

    Far too often, acts of sexual abuse go unreported to authorities. Victims often fear the aftermath—fear the attacker—and they fail to come forward and speak out against what happened. As a result, ...

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